We're shaping the future of work that's inclusive for untapped workforce.

Here to build the first-ever network where career-training schools and global companies come together to ensure a successful career transitions to 100m people. We envision a world where everyone deserves fair job opportunities, where talent knows no borders.

How do we want to accomplish our mission

The new way of connecting


With career services of best universities, tech schools and communities in untapped markets.


Our partners with a tool to showcase their talent pool into our platform.


Talents using behavioural science and data to companies looking to hire skilled  professionals.
Hear it from career services managers

Kaatch has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to have control on our talent pool much easier. Heads-up to that smooth onboarding!

Stealth Coding Community from Ghana

The possibilities that Kaatch can offer are endless. The talent has loved the idea, and we can't wait to see the matching algorithm working.

Stealth Bootcamp aggregator from Spain
Investors & Partners

Join the Journey

If you’re an individual or organization seeking to make a positive impact on lives, we're eager to connect with you.

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Diverse team working to increase productivity
Early tech talent working at start up company
Diverse early tech talent developers
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