Our mission

Kaatch eliminates borders and unleashes potential through behavioral science and technology.  We were born in 2024 with a vision of reinventing the way companies solve their skills gap. Our mission is to redefine the hiring experience of untapped talents, allowing career services managers to showcase their talents to global companies.
Our philosophy

Embracing Behavioral Science

We examine the paths Kaatch users take from login into the platform to securing interviews and ultimately getting hired. This enables us to help them optimize every crucial aspect that impacts their success.

First impressions

Examining everything from biographical details to the alignment between a candidate and a company.

Quality over quantity

We utilize candidate and recruiter actions—likes, saves, follows—to  create precise connections that resonate accurately. 

Search fatigue

We invest time in understanding the causes of search fatigue and developing strategies to minimize its impact. 


Without any doubt, we know what works for one person won’t work for everyone. So, they’re always working toward providing recruiters and candidates with custom insights that will lead to a breakthrough moment.

Our impact

The Kaatch effect

We contribute to building a fairer society by fostering a global community where individuals and companies unite for mutual success.

Supporting education

Enabling students to transition seamlessly into the workforce.

Building diverse teams

Strategic connection of talents from various backgrounds.

Empowering women in tech

Fostering an environment where their skills and talents thrive.

Generating financial stability

Helping people to secure sustainable income.

Reducing unemployment

Creating meaningful employment opportunities.


Opening doors to new possibilities for everyone.